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Photo:Steve Tanner

Photo:Steve Tanner

Mark Jenkin - Director

Described by critic Mark Kermode as… “A visually stunning and formally adventurous swirl of pure cinema” Mark’s previous film Bronco’s House was his first foray into hand-processed celluloid narrative filmmaking. The film screened at festivals worldwide and was a finalist at The Chicago Blow Up Festival. 

His handmade short film works have been promoted by the British Council since 2016 with The Road to Zennor being awarded the Best Experimental Film prize at the London Short Film Festival in 2017, and The Essential Cornishman being given an Honourable Mention at the Berlin Experimental Film Festival the same year. His latest short film Vertical Shapes in a Horizontal Landscape, screened in competition at the Dinard Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival and Aesthetica Short Film Festival in 2018.

The recipient of the Nick Darke Award for Writing (2014) Mark is currently developing a biopic of St. Ives painter (and great, great, great Grandfather) Alfred Wallis. He is an associate of Falmouth University where he lectures Film, is the author of the Silent Landscape Dancing Grain 13 Film Manifesto, and is a member of The Newlyn Society of Artists. 

Words on Bronco's House:

“ It’s really impressive, tackling Cornish history & homelessness…Shades of Roeg, Maddin and Loach, but ‘Bronco’s House’ couldn’t have been made by anyone other than Mark Jenkin”

Mark Kermode

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Kate Byers & Linn Waite - producers

Kate and Linn are the founders of Early Day Films Limited. BAFTA award winning producers they brought together the finance for Bait to shoot exclusively in Cornwall in Autumn 2017.

They forged partnerships with Kodak and Falmouth University who were excited for the potential to be working with Mark and an independent production company. 

As producers they are fully involved with all aspects of film-making from the seeds of an idea to marketing.

Collaborating with Mark, Early Day executive produced The Road to Zennor (Best Experimental Film prize, London Short Film Festival in 2017) and  Dear MarianneThe Essential CornishmanTomato, David Bowie Is Dead and Vertical Shapes in a Horizontal Landscape (in competition at the Dinard Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival and Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2019).

They completed production on Hard, Cracked The Wind, a ghost story short film with Mark in late 2018.

Early Day Films has a number of feature films in development.

Early Day Films 

Linn & Kate. Photo: Thom Axon

Linn & Kate. Photo: Thom Axon

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Denzil Monk - associate producer 

Denzil is a prolific creative producer with two decades of professional experience across the film value chain. Previous work includes The Man Engine (voted UK’s Best Arts project 2017), producing Mark Jenkin’s Bronco’s House (2015), Happy Christmas (2011) and Brett Harvey’s award-winning debut black comedy Weekend Retreat (2011).

Previous roles include CEO at Western Light Pictures, Executive Producer at Dogbite Film Studio, MD at awen productions, Senior Producer at Chew TV, Executive Committee Member at Celtic Media Festival and Chair of Cornwall Film Festival. Denzil is COO at digital distributor Cinegi, a Lecturer in Film at Falmouth University and a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh.



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Excerpts from Sight&Sound article on mark's short film


Encounters with 35mm: Bronco’s House and the film revival …

Mark Jenkin’s short movie about the Cornish housing crisis was crafted by hand at every stage, so it was a genuine pleasure to see it projected on film for the first time, and to anticipate more analogue marvels in the future.

Tara Judah  
Updated: 10 January 2018

Web exclusive  Sight&Sound. The International Film magazine

BH QUAD 2017.jpeg


At the 23rd edition of Encounters, a truly independent, handmade movie – Mark Jenkin’s breathtaking 44-minute featurette, Bronco’s House – was projected on film for the first time in front of an audience, signalling a new line of support for a resolutely analogue director. The film, which was shot on 16mm and processed by hand, was completed in 2015 but had previously screened only in a digital format. This print was provided by Kodak, who are also partnering on Jenkin’s new narrative feature film, Bait, now in production. The exhibition print for Bronco’s House was created as an asset for Jenkin’s producers to attract investors for Bait, which uses similar filmmaking techniques to the shorter film. …

…   Jenkin’s unique process produces eye-catching results, lending the film a natural yet unpredictable aesthetic as intermittent stains from the developer alter the striking black-and-white images. Both the grain and the wash reflect key themes in the narrative, deftly drawing out the film’s social realist grit and mirroring the ebb and flow of the wider national politics that wash in and out of its small seaside town setting. …

…   Contemplating the economic and housing crises facing Cornish fishing villages, Jenkin plays around in the edit with pace and uses post-synched sound with aplomb, constantly disrupting the viewer’s sense of space and time yet still exacting verisimilitude.

References are both stark and subtle: an overt homage to Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker(1979) comes in the form of a character slowly dragging a plate across a dinner table using her mind, while Bronco, our homeless protagonist, is physically and psychologically displaced, motivated by desire and despair in a Zone-like (un)earthly place.

Encounters also screened two of Jenkin’s much shorter, more playful works: Dear Marianne (2016), a nostalgic travelogue narrated in the form of postcards sent from a Cornish relative visiting Ireland, and The Essential Cornishman (2016), which sees one village’s last Cornish fisherman at work. 

All told, Jenkin’s films clearly make the case for the future of photochemical film as an artistic and exhibition medium.