The Camera

Bait was captured on a1976 16mm clockwork Bolex camera, using100ft rolls of B&W Kodak stock - giving a maximum 28 seconds per shot.

Shot with a single lens for a consistency of aesthetic.  

A total of 130 rolls or 13,000 ft of film was hand-processed using an antique Bakelite rewind tank. 

No two rolls come out the same.


the bolex

We had two Bolex H16s on the shoot. The second camera (which we used for the slow motion sequences running at 54fps) was given to me by retired DP Peter Smithson who had used it to shoot sequences for  David Attenborough documentaries during the 80s and 90s. This 'B' camera dates from the 60s, whilst the 'A' camera was built in 1976, the year I was born. 

I love how incredibly simple the Bolex is: I think I fully understand everything it can do and how it does it. It’s incredibly robust, and beautifully engineered; it makes a lovely sound. It’s very easy to load, and it takes beautiful lenses which create wonderful images. And it looks stunning. I would quite happily hang it on my wall like a painting. It’s a work of art.

Mark Jenkin 

MJ and BOLEX Bait-5 (1).jpg





Kodak Magazine 2017  Read a feature on Mark: Pages 9-11


Photo by Thom Axon

Photo by Thom Axon



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